After more than 2 years, the time has finally come where we launch another GB product - the CONTWO CFRL. This is our first keyboards embodying the new CONTWO design language. With the CONTWO CFRL we’re aiming to bring together productivity and sleek, timeless design.

Before diving into the nitty gritty details of the keyboard, let’s explain the name: CONTWO CFRL. CONTWO is short for CONCEPT TWO, the second series we’re bringing to market (following the CONONE 65). CFRL, abbreviation for Compact Function Row Less, describing the keyboard’s layout.

The keyboard has been designed and engineered in Belgium, whereas the PCB was designed by 0XCB in Germany.


Typing Angle: 6.5 degrees

Mounting: Custom Moulded Silicone Dampener

Layout: Compact Function Row Less

Case Material: 6061 aluminum

Plate Material: Brass/Polycarbonate

PCB: 1.60 mm VIA supported hot-swap (solder pcb available as well) + daughter board

Weight (built): TBA

How does it work?

The CONTWO CFRL consist of a single part milled aluminum case, a milled polycarbonate/brass/tbd plate and a custom silicone moulded dampener, that also acts as a gasket. Of course, the CFRL also comes with a custom VIA compatible PCB + daughterboard. The keyboard sits at a 6.5 degree angle.

The different parts are held in place by a friction fit mounting system. Once assembled, the PCB, dampener, plate and switches will act as one piece that slides into the case from the top, with only the silicone dampener touching the aluminum case.


Both HOTSWAP and SOLDER version of the bespoke pcb are available. This way we make sure everyone around the globe, using different layouts, can enjoy the CONTWO CFRL.